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Explore Online Music Courses

Learn how to create beautiful melodies with a better knowledge of how to read and play different music types through our range of online music courses.

Explore Online Music Courses

We at Shaw Academy believe in delivering higher education at a lower cost, which is why all our music training courses offer a four-week free trial. Whether you want to learn to play a new musical instrument, gain insights on how to read music better, or get more into the technicalities of music production, we offer courses like practical guitar learning, music theory, and sound engineering that can help you with that.

Each complete course offers 20 hours of learning which includes practical training and free assessments. On completion of each module, you get the opportunity to obtain a certificate from globally recognized universities like Austin Peay State University and other such institutions. The educators for each course come with exceptional educational backgrounds and extensive industry-level expertise which guarantees that you are learning from the best!

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