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Explore Online Technology Courses

Websites and Mobile applications are quickly becoming the primary means to communicate information, ideas, and products to the world. How then, are they created? Register now to start learning about the latest technologies straight away.

Explore Online Technology Courses

At Shaw Academy, we believe in delivering higher education at a lower cost, which is why all our technology certification courses offer a four-week free trial. It does not matter if you are a student looking to gain some knowledge, tech enthusiast, or a professional looking to upskill, our certification courses in web design, web technology, app development, cybersecurity, and more will help you get there. And for those who have built an early level interest in development and coding, we have technology courses built out for the little curious ones too.

Each complete course offers 20 hours of learning which includes practical training and free assessments. On completion of each module, you get the opportunity to obtain a certificate from globally recognized universities like Austin Peay State University and other such institutions. The educators for each course come with sound educational backgrounds and extensive industry experience which guarantees that you are learning from the best!

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